Luiz Magalhães on Dec 07, 2018
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susanjB5583EP on Nov 15, 2018

As a visitor to Boca Raton I had not heard of Tossed before. The asian chicken salad was large and tasty. It had carrots, edamane, mandarin oranges, crunchies and lettuce. All the other fresh ingredients behind the counter looked great too. I need to still wrap my head around a $10 salad at a food court but I guess that's the times now.

Elisa Z. da Silva on Nov 03, 2018
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Lanches assados. Bom.

Bonnie Almada on Nov 03, 2018
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Mall carnival restaurant good fast service very healthy food

Alisa J. on Nov 02, 2018
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I love that there is a healthy option at a food court!! The wraps are amazing and the tuna fish sandwich with cranberries is memorable!! Truly my favorite.

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